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In computer graphics, when a given image is intended to be placed over a background, the transparent areas can be specified through a binary mask. This way, for each intended image there are actually two bitmaps: the actual image, in which the unused areas are given a pixel value with all bits set to 0s, and an additional mask, in which the correspondent image areas are given a pixel value of all bits set to 0s and the surrounding areas a value of all bits set to 1s. In the sample at right, black pixels have the all-zero bits and white pixels have the all-one bits.

We are providing this service starting with US$0.50 per image cost. The masking services which we are providing given sample below.

  • Layer masking
  • Alpha masking
  • Transparent masking

To get more information about this service or to test us for this service please contact with us by filling up the form which given here. You will get feedback within 30 min for sure.